Private Daily Mardin Tour from Istanbul

2 Days

Discover the enchanting city of Mardin with our Private Daily Mardin Tour from Istanbul. Especially, immerse yourself in the rich history and breathtaking beauty of this ancient city perched on a hilltop.

Explore its winding streets, adorned with stunning architecture and mesmerizing stone carvings. Visit iconic landmarks such as the Great Mosque of Mardin and the historic Zinciriye Medrese.

Experience the vibrant culture of Mardin as you wander through bustling markets and sample delicious local cuisine. With our expert guides and especially personalized service, let us take you on a remarkable journey to uncover the hidden gems of Mardin and Midyat.

Day 1 : Istanbul to Mardin – Arrival and City Exploration

Morning Flight from Istanbul:
Your Private Daily Mardin Tour begins with a morning flight from Istanbul to Mardin. Our professional driver will pick you up from your hotel and transfer you to the airport for a convenient domestic flight.

Arrival in Mardin and Transfer to Luxury Accommodation:
Upon arrival in Mardin, our representative will greet you and escort you to your luxurious accommodation. Take some time to relax and refresh in the comfort of your lavish surroundings before beginning your exploration of this captivating city.

Discover the Old City of Mardin:
Start your Mardin adventure by exploring the Old City, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its stunning architecture and rich cultural heritage. Wander through its narrow streets lined with beautifully preserved stone houses and soak in the authentic atmosphere. Marvel at the intricate stonework adorning the buildings, showcasing the city’s unique blend of architectural styles influenced by various civilizations.

Visit the Great Mosque of Mardin:
Make your way to the iconic Great Mosque of Mardin, a masterpiece of Islamic architecture. Admire its elegant minaret and intricate details as you step inside to explore its peaceful interior. Learn about the mosque’s history and significance as a place of worship for centuries.

Explore the Zinciriye Medrese:
Continue your journey with a visit to the Zinciriye Medrese, a 14th-century theological school. Marvel at its impressive courtyard and intricate stone carvings. Step inside to discover its beautifully preserved rooms and immerse yourself in the ambiance of this ancient learning center.


Lunch at a Local Restaurant:
Indulge in a delicious lunch at a local restaurant, savoring the flavors of authentic Mardin cuisine. Taste traditional dishes such as kebabs, stuffed grape leaves, and baklava, while enjoying the warm hospitality of the locals.

Visit the Kasimiye Medrese:
In the afternoon, explore the Kasimiye Medrese, another architectural gem of Mardin. Admire the intricate details of its facade and explore its prayer hall and courtyards. Take in the panoramic views of the city from the rooftop terrace, offering a breathtaking vista of the surrounding landscapes.

Enjoy Sunset at the Mardin Castle:
End your day by witnessing a magnificent sunset at the Mardin Castle. Located atop a hill, the castle offers panoramic views of the city and the Mesopotamian plains. Capture the awe-inspiring beauty of the sun setting over the ancient city as you reflect on your memorable day in Mardin.

Day 2 : Cultural Exploration and Local Experiences

Breakfast at the Hotel:
Start your day with a delicious breakfast at your hotel, energizing yourself for another day of exploration in Mardin.

Visit Deyrulzafaran Monastery:
Embark on a journey to the Deyrulzafaran Monastery, located just outside Mardin. This ancient Syriac Orthodox monastery dates back to the 5th century and is an important spiritual center for the Syriac Christian community. Marvel at its impressive architecture and richly decorated interiors. Learn about the history and traditions of this significant religious site.

Discover the Savur Village:
Venture to the picturesque village of Savur, located in the Mardin region. Explore its charming streets and traditional stone houses adorned with intricate carvings. Visit the historic Grand Mosque of Savur, known for its unique architectural style. Engage with the friendly locals, experience their warm hospitality, and gain insights into their traditional way of life.


Lunch at a Local Village House:
Delight in a special lunch experience at a local village house, where you will savor traditional homemade dishes prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Immerse yourself in the warm atmosphere and enjoy the flavors of authentic Mardin cuisine.

Visit the Mardin Museum:
Continue your cultural exploration with a visit to the Mardin Museum. Discover the region’s rich history through its impressive collection of archaeological artifacts, ethnographic displays, and art exhibits. Gain a deeper understanding of Mardin’s past and its significance in the broader context of Turkish history and culture.

Explore the Midyat Town:
In the afternoon, journey to the nearby town of Midyat, renowned for its unique architecture and silver craftsmanship. Stroll through its historic center, adorned with intricately designed stone buildings. Visit the ancient Syriac Orthodox churches, such as the Mor Gabriel Monastery, and witness their ornate interiors and sacred atmosphere.

Return to Istanbul:
In the evening, our driver will transfer you to the airport for your return flight to Istanbul. Upon arrival, our chauffeur will be waiting to take you back to your hotel, marking the end of your Private Daily Mardin Tour.

Book your Private Daily Mardin Tour from Istanbul today and embark on an unforgettable journey through the ancient streets of Mardin. Let us curate a personalized and luxurious experience that unveils the rich history, architectural wonders, and cultural treasures of this captivating city though.

The Trip Cost Includes

  • Private Tours
  • Professional Tour Guide Service
  • Museum Tickets & Admission Fees
  • Round-trip Domestic Flight Tickets
  • Transportation to and from sites during the trip
  • Lunches in local restaurant, Cup of coffee or Tea
  • Pick-up or Drop-off service from and to airports in AC Van
  • 1 Night Accommodation in Luxurious hotel
  • Private transportation for dinner

The Trip Cost Excludes

  • Dinner and drinks
  • Room service and minibar expenses
  • Your travel and medical insurance
  • Personal Expenses such as shopping, alcoholic drinks etc
  • Services not mentioned or not promised by the agent/agency
  • Emergency expenses such as expenses

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Private Daily Mardin Tour from Istanbul